Jerk Kerouac / Noise Arcade

by Noise Arcade & Jerk Kerouac

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  • Noise Arcade & Jerk Kerouac (NWR004/NOIS18)
    Cassette + Digital Album

    [Despite this being listed as sold out we might actually have some copies. This is because shipping tapes out of China is a bit of headache and can be expensive, so if you'd like to buy a copy of this tape the easiest thing would be to email us at and we'll figure something out]

    China and Malaysia, two fringe artists, and two DIY labels split a cassette tape and fill it with a mix of harsh noise that would leave even the most hardened grindcore fanatic more that a little unnerved and improv ambient beats that would no doubt prompt Brian Eno to raise an eyebrow. Ships with stickers, artwork and other stuff from our desks.

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[actual phone conversation between a cassette pressing plant in Malaysia and Noise Mongers Records]

Cassette factory: Hello Aizat!

Noise Mongers: Good morning, what's up?

Cassette factory: Can you bring the right and functional tracks to press the cassette?

Noise Mongers: Why ah? Got problem with the tracks I send to you? Which catalog number?

Cassette factory: NOIS18, Jerk Kerouac and Noise Arcade one. The sound for side A is broken -- it sounds like a harsh broken radio noise.

Noise Mongers: Oh, that one ah. It is OK, meant to be that way. That artist in side A is experimenting with his grandma's old radio. That's why it sounds like AM radio with full blast volume. And the side B is like a hi-tea party sounds.

Cassette factory: Oh yeah? Uhm ... OK lah. So, I proceed lah, OK. Bye. [click]

On one side of the tape we have a barrage of “harsh broken radio noise” as the lady at the tape factory so eloquently put it, that being the sonic assault of Malaysia’s Jerk Kerouac. Analog tapes, contact microphones, and guitar pedals with angry fonts on them are all put to extensive use in JK’s explosive performances. Structure and melody are sacrificed like the holy cow in the artist’s moniker and then in maelstrom of white noise your mind begins to make sense of the chaos, to find structure and form in the formless, before it fades away, leaving only a ringing in your ears.

On the other side we have Beijing’s one man IDM/ambient machine, Noise Arcade. Having put out more releases than you’ve had hot dinners, Noise Arcade is on a DIY sonic warpath, traveling across Asia with a case full of effects pedals and weaving his complex web of beats, drones, and synth lines around audiences. No two performances are ever the same, improvisation along the lines of free jazz being the basis for electronic explorations that reward the listener upon each subsequent play. The magnetic reels of C40 cassette tape couldn’t be more suited to Noise Arcade’s brand of electro bliss.

The artwork for this release is a painting by Fathullah Luqman Yusuff as part of Noise Mongers Records Art Cover Collection Vol.1. This is release is part 1 of 4; by collecting all of the parts by Noise Mongers you can piece together the complete painting.


released September 28, 2014

Noise Arcade & Jerk Kerouac (NWR004/NOIS18)
released: Sep 29, 2014


Noise Arcade
Recorded: August 8,2014 in China
Music by M.Cupoli

Jerk Kerouac
Recorded: February- March 2014 in Malaysia
Jerk Kerouac is Azzief

Mastering by M.Cupoli
Layout by Jack Morrison
Cover concept by Sham SMG
Painting by Fathullah Luqman Yusuff
Nasty Wizard Recordings (NWR004)
Noise Mongers Records (NOIS18)



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